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25th Life Sciences roundtable at Localization WorldThe 25th edition of Localization World kicked off in Dublin on Tuesday with the Life Science roundtable. With 24 attendees, this was one of the largest roundtables to-date.

A number of topics were discussed ranging from the new trends towards content "digitalization" and what it means to medical translation suppliers. As in the past, there were a number of sessions on technology. The panel on the pros and cons of TMS implementation co-hosted by Aurélie Baechelen of Varian Medical Systems and Sandra La Brasca of ForeignExchange Translations sparked a lively discussion from both the supplier and client side.

There were two separate presentations that focused on the content challenges faced by medical device and pharmaceutical companies and how to address them through focused process analysis and technology. As with previous roundtables, third-party review emerged as an area that remains a challenge for both suppliers and buyers.

Last but not least, there were presentations about the growth of the medical translation market. As one would expect, the consensus was that the BRIC countries seem to be the countries that will see the most growth in the next few years.

While the topics were very diverse, there was a clear theme that emerged from all the discussions: in essence all parties agree that successful projects rely on solid processes, sound technology decisions, and clean data - but first and foremost partnership between buyer and suppliers. This roundtable was very informative and we look forward to the next edition in Vancouver!

ForeignExchange supports the world's leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies with specialized medical translation services for regulatory, clinical, and marketing efforts.

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  1. Bo Kristensen said...
    Thanks for the post. Yes, the job I am currently working on (with no instructions whatsoever) just underlines the importance of good partnership between buyer and supplier.


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