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Life sciences group at Localization World takes on convergence, adoption - medical translationThe 2013 fall edition of the Localization World Life Sciences Business Round Table took place October 8th and 9th in Santa Clara this year. The attendees were made up of a mix of client and suppliers and made for a dynamic group.

While a variety of topics were discussed in this edition of the Round Table, convergence and adoption seemed to be the common thread between all the presentations. The opening presentation focused on highlighting the particular challenges faced by life sciences companies in their effort to move to new technologies such as TMS/CMS. This was echoed by a presentation from Ann Rockley which highlighted the benefits of creating a solid and intelligent content strategy to manage and deliver content in a regulated industry.

In addition to the more technology focused presentations, there were numerous discussions around process improvements and changes in the industry. The entire panel discussed the benefits of building strong client/supplier partnerships – an increasingly important factor as projects and programs are becoming more and more complex. While the Round Table traditionally focuses on the needs of the medical device industry, we discussed a possible convergence of regulations between pharma and medical devices in the years to come, as the medical device regulatory agencies are looking to tighten control.Last but not least, we heard about the challenges experienced by development teams and localization teams alike when adapting a product targeted to the medical field to penetrate different markets in Eastern Europe.

The one and half day meeting was very productive and as always sparked a lot of interest and questions, some of these will have to be answered when we meet next in June in Dublin.

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