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Most organizations view translated e-learning programs as important (medical translation)e-learning has gone global. More and more medical device and pharmaceutical companies are turning towards e-learning to train their worldwide workforce. This trend isn't limited to just drug and device companies, of course.

A survey conducted by Commlab India polled 200 organizations around the world about their e-learning practices. Here are some of the key survey results:

  1. 59% of responding organizations indicated that translating e-learning programs was important
  2. 85% of the survey respondents have translated their e-learning courses into nearly 10 different languages
  3. English, Spanish, and French were popular languages
  4. Roughly 34% of respondents indicated that their primary e-learning language was something other than English
While we haven't been able to verify the survey results (no report is available on their web site), the findings do match our own experiences with clients: As medical device and pharmaceutical companies look to enable anytime, anywhere learning, language and translations move from 'nice to have' to critical.

For more about multilingual e-learning, take a look at the following:
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