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Make terminology decisions with Googlefight

Make terminology decisions with Googlefight medical translation)Every medical translator has experienced this: you are working on a translation, and you're not completely sure about which term or expression to use. So you turn to Google to see which variant gets the most hits. While this may not be the most accurate way to make a determination, it often works.

Googlefight.com is a web site that makes this process easier (and more fun).

The concept is very simple. There are two search boxes on the page, calling for Keyword #1 and Keyword #2. Put in your two terms, and the site runs parallel Google searches, yielding a graph that compares the approximate number of results for the two:

Comparing medical translation to medical translations
That's it; there are no actual results or anything else, just a comparison of number of results for the two searches. If you feel you need to do more research on how a term is being used or what types of sources it's appearing in, you will have to go elsewhere.

[Hat tip to Erik Hansson!]

And for good measure, here are a few more articles on terminology management:
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