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What is the true objective of in-country review? (medical translation)We've said it before, and we'll say it again: 90% of in-country reviews are a waste of time. One of the main reasons for this is that companies don't have a clear understanding of why they are conducting in-country reviews. Many device manufacturers conduct in-country reviews so that they can "check a box" and present quality and regulatory bodies with an audit trail for review and approval of translated content.

This sentiment was echoed once again at our recent Learning Unplugged event, "In-Country Review Strategies: How to Optimize Linguistic Validation". The main question raised by medical device and diagnostics companies in attendance was: "what is the true objective of in-country review?".

On the surface there is a simple answer to this question, however, many organizations have difficulty articulating it, and even more so, have difficulty finding the value in it.

The overarching theme of the presentation by ForeignExchange's Jason Arnsparger was not about rehashing common challenges but about finding solutions for linguistic validation in the context of regulated industries.

In-country review is an activity that is so deeply ingrained in the translation process (especially for high-risk medical content) that few really think about the benefits it should add, rather, they focus on the inefficiency and frustration it can bring. And sure enough - throughout the discussion, most in attendance shared that they did not feel there was value in their current review processes and that they do it "because they have to".

Thanks to Jason's experience and real-world suggestions, attendees left the presentation with tangible ideas and tools to develop a value-added linguistic validation process and the ability to measure and quantify the quality of their translated content with an eye toward achieving optimal quality for their global customers.

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