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e-labeling coming to prescription drugs?

e-labeling coming to prescription drugs? (medical translation)
It took years for medical device manufacturers and regulators to push through e-labeling (i.e., the inclusion of digital instructions with medical devices). Then, earlier this year, pigs DID fly.

Now drug manufacturers are asking FDA to have electronic labeling replace print labels and inserts for prescription drugs. And just like we saw on the device side, there is disagreement about the virtues of such a move.

To take the pulse of industry, Pharmalot is conducting a poll on this topic: Should Printed Drug Labels And Inserts Be Replaced With Online Info?

As of this writing, the preference seems to be for keeping the printed labels. It will be interesting to see how the votes tally when the poll closes.

Head on over to Pharmalot for information on the recently released report from the US Government Accountability Office, information on divergent House and Senate bills, and, of course to take the poll.

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