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20th Life Sciences Business Roundtable a big success - Localization World medical translationThe 20th Life Sciences Roundtable took place at Localization World London on June 11 and 12. The sessions were very well attended with representatives from the medical devices industry as well as the translation supplier side.

As usual the pre-conference was a great forum for the sharing of ideas, challenges, and trends in medical devices translation. Discussion topics ranged from an in-depth presentation about the revision to the MDD and what it means to the industry to process discussions around how to handle screen shot localization and terminology management.

As is the norm at Life Sciences Roundtables, all of the sessions were very interactive; however there were a few topics that seemed to generate the most passion from the attendees. Among them, the presentation moderated by ForeignExchange's Sandra La Brasca, on different models for managing in country reviews. In this presentation Michael Oettli put forth different models ranging from the traditional in-source client in-country review model to the increasingly popular 100% outsourced third-party review model. Similarly, the Wednesday morning session on the BRIC emerging markets and in particular the presentation on the new trends in medical devices translation sparked a lively debate.

As is often the case in the round table, the group parted with many ideas for new topics to be discussed at the next meeting in Santa Clara in October. See you in California in four months!

ForeignExchange supports the world's leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies with specialized medical translation services for regulatory, clinical, and marketing efforts.


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