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Focusing on the patient - ISPOR 2013

Focusing on the patient - ISPOR 2013 (medical translation)The annual meeting of the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) is currently underway in New Orleans. ForeignExchange is well represented by Janis Shea and Sonja Jacobsen.

Despite a poor layout (sessions and exhibitors are spread-out over 3 floors), the conference is once again very well attended. More than 3,000 participants from 50+ countries are attending sessions focused on patient-centered outcomes research, evidence, and drug development.

Among the 1,600 sessions, several stood out: Fitting within the "focusing on the patient" theme of the conference, one particularly interesting session discussed the nuances around patient-reported outcomes and patient-centered outcomes. Not surprisingly in the current economic environment, many sessions deal with costs and payer issues.

Several topics were of particular interest to medical translation professionals. For instance, "Translatability Assessment of the Youth Quality-of-Life Instrument-weight Module" (yes, that really was the session title!), went into great detail on how to evaluate the translatability of a source text, linguistically and culturally.

The presenters gave a couple of great examples:

  1. Questions referring to youth and "your boyfriend or girlfriend" are not acceptable in Muslim countries
  2. The definition of depression varies across cultures – it could be understood as anything from slightly sad to clinical depression
Practitioners of linguistic validation are comfortable with these issues. For other medical translators who may not be as familiar with the concept, you can think of it as "quality at source".

There are a couple of days left at ISPOR's annual conference. If you're not in New Orleans, join the Twitter discussions at @ISPORorg and #ISPORNewOrleans.

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