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The 5+1 things that will make clients love you (medical translation)In 1912 L.L. Bean launched his newly formed clothing company with his Golden Rule: "Sell good merchandise at a reasonable profit; treat your customers like human beings and they will come back for more."

Sounds simple, "treat your customers like human beings", but in today's world of email and workflow systems it's not always as easy as it looks and unless a company has a relentless drive for service, satisfaction and experience is sure to suffer.

As a service providers, translation companies live and die based on clients' satisfaction. There is a lot of advice out there but much of it isn't appropriate. So I was pleasantly surprised to see the following list of 5 Things To Make Clients Love You over at The Marketing Mix:

1. Blend creative passion with an understanding of business goals. Present your ideas with passion but also the ability to explain how it achieves their objectives.
2. Don't be flaky. Be reliable instead.
3. Don't say no. Say, "yes, but..." instead. Find a solution and don't be a diva.
4. No surprise invoices. Instead, let clients know regularly where they are in their budget.
5. Show that you care -- about their business, about their goals and about making them look good.
I totally agree with these tips and would add a 6th tip specifically for translation providers:
6. Don't change Project Managers on your client. Sometimes this is in the best interest of a client but generally clients hate that kind of change.
What do you think? Do these tips encapsulated good customer service? What's your Golden Rule?

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  1. cgtradmed said...
    Excellent advices. May I had a seventh one :

    7. Don't change Project Managers on your translators. Translators always hate that kind of change, which is never in the best interest of your final client.

    Indeed, when a translator has been working with the same PM a long time and a relationship of trust has been built up, I think that both the translator and the PM are more efficient and achieve a higher quality of service. They know each other's assets, requirements and strengths and weaknesses, in a word all that makes a winning team.

    Vertimu biuras Vilniuje said...
    That is true that the customers must be treated as a human beings, that's a very important thing.

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