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Outlook for medical device industry: all eyes on Asia, BRIC (medical translation)Earlier this year, Emergo Group conducted an annual survey of the medical device industry. The responses from roughly 3,500 device professionals (mostly QA/RA) were collected and tallied, and the results are now available here [PDF].

The survey contains a lot of valuable insight. While not shocking it's interesting to see that medical device firms remain firmly focused on Asia and BRIC countries.

Within Asia, Emergo notes that

"Medical device companies remain bullish about Asian markets. Japan is still #1 in healthcare spending but China will soon pass Japan and is the engine of growth in the region. Emerging markets in SE Asia are also garnering more attention."
More revealing is the industry's focus on Brazil and Mexico. A whopping 18.7% of respondents said that their companies were planning on introducing a device in Brazil for the first time in 2013. 13.6% said the same thing about Mexico.

This is great news for Latin American medical translation providers. Medical device companies will require a good bit of Spanish and Portuguese translation support and many of them will generate country-specific translations (as opposed to using existing translations from Portugal or Spain). If you work in these languages, get ready to get busy!

[Hat tip to Janis Shea!]

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