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ForeignExchange scores high client satisfaction marks - net promoter (medical translation) For the past twelve years, ForeignExchange Translations has conducted annual surveys of our clients to determine what they think of our processes, our quality, our services, and our people. This important information allows us to gain valuable insights into how we are doing, how we can improve, and how we can continue to build strong business partnerships with our valuable customers.

This year, ForeignExchange took our survey to a new level and joined some of the world's leading companies by utilizing the Net Promoter Score methodology (NPS). By so doing we were not only able to find out if our clients would refer us, but how likely they would be to do so, and why. This critical feedback enables ForeignExchange to make whatever improvements are necessary to ensure our clients' long-term satisfaction.

ForeignExchange is pleased that 98% of those clients who responded to the survey are willing to refer us to their colleagues. In addition, ForeignExchange earned an NPS score of 53.6%.

A 50% score is considered excellent. Historically, most great companies are in the 50%-80% range. A few examples would include Costco (71%), FedEx (56%), Amazon (73%), and Southwest Airlines (51%).

Our Client Satisfaction Survey also included project-related questions related to effectively explaining and executing on proposals, timely/clear communication, and quality translations.

The following are remarks from our clients:

  • "Foreign Exchange has consistently provided us with top quality translations that either meet or exceed our deadlines while maintaining outstanding and professional customer service support."
  • "ForeignExchange puts an important emphasis on quality and detail."
  • "Excellent service with tight adherence to timelines (often delivery is earlier than expected) and reasonable prices."
  • "FX operates as a partner to your business. They put in the effort to know your business so they can become an integral part of your operation."
  • "FX is very interested in doing a good job; their analysis of a project is very thorough; FX cares about their clients and nurtures the relationship."
ForeignExchange remains dedicated to understanding client feedback and working proactively to improve client satisfaction. Thankfully, this most recent Client Satisfaction Survey demonstrates that our customers continue to have very positive business partnerships with ForeignExchange Translations!

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