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7 localization tools - free or almost free

7 localization tools - free or almost free (medical translation)
When it comes to buying translation tools, it's easy for medical translators to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars/euros/pounds. So I was glad to see the following tools listed in Jost Zetzsche's Tool Box Newsletter:
  • CheckMate - a free, cross-platform QA tool from the Okapi family of tools
  • CodeZapper - powerful eliminator of underlying codes in Word documents (we covered an earlier version here)
  • TuMatXa - a translation memory repository that allows you to manage and share your TMs online
  • TMX Assistant - manages translation memory exchange files (cost: $24)
  • IntelliWebSearch - new and improved thanks to language-specific search scripts
  • T-Index - annual list showing how important it is to translate which languages to reach what audience
  • Xbench - the amazing QA tool that we previously covered here (not free but oh-so-worth-it)
Great tools that every medical translation professional should know! And speaking of "knowing", make sure you subscribe to Jost's excellent Tool Box Newsletter!

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  1. Vladimir Kukharenko said...
    1 more tool:

    ChangeTracker - www.change-tracker.com. It compares two bilingual files and produces the report of corrections in xls file.
    LSP.net said...
    We would like to mention our free online
    CAT Weighting Tool
    Anonymous said...
    I found Verifika QA tool faster and smarter then QA Distiller :-)
    Alexander Barrel said...
    I want to suggest an addition to your almost free localization tool list, https://poeditor.com/ - it's free within a limit of strings and it has plenty of nice features that help you do the work faster (translation memory, glossary, automatic translation). It's really worth trying.

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