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Writing for a global audience - medical translation
Over the past couple of years, we have offered a seminar designed to provide insight and guidance on how to author and structure English content which is targeting a global audience. ForeignExchange's Sonja Jacobsen has developed this highly successful curriculum from her deep experience in the medical translation space - as a linguist, account manager, and team leader.

In response to many, many requests, Sonja is presenting an audio conference on the same topic. November 20 is the date. Anybody, anywhere can attend.

What makes Sonja's presentation so effective is that, rather than simply providing an exhaustive list of do's and don'ts in writing, she explains and provides real-world solutions to some of the translation challenges posed by US/English-centric content.

Medical writers, technical authors, and translators all know content for a global audience should take into account translation considerations right from the start. However, translation and localization issues in the source material often only come to light during translation. This generally means a longer and most likely a costlier translation phase than most companies had anticipated, and can sometimes necessitate changes to the source content after it has already been released.

Don't miss Sonja's presentation - register today!

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