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Helvetica wins by KO

Helvetica wins by KO - medical translation
It seems like Helvetica is everywhere, right? What with books, movies, and blogs dedicated to Helvetica, it's easy to think that it would be hard to go a day without Helvetica. (And you'd be right.)

And you know what? Helvetica is everywhere. That's because the debate between serif and sans-serif fonts is over. Helvetica won.

Sure, studies showed that sans-serif fonts are safer and designer types keep praising Helvetica.

But in the end, it was Facebook and mobile computing that landed the final blow to sans-serif fonts. Helvetica dominates because it's the social media typeface of choice.

As Business Insider puts it, "serif fonts with their thin stems and curly risers and descenders, tend to become muddy and indistinct in small digital spaces, like phones and Twitter icons".

Don't believe me? Look no further than Stanford's brand-new, Helvetica-esque logo:
New Stanford logo (medical translation)

According to the Stanford Daily (which still uses a serif font in its wordmark tsk tsk), a university spokesperson said that the old logo was "unsuited for small format on mobile devices" and that the new signature is "is clear and legible and functional in the digital environment".

So, expect to see a lot more Helvetica in the future. Not only because it's trendy, but simply because it's better.

[Thanks to Business Insider for the lead!]

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