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A little bit off-topic but fascinating nonetheless, the following Washington Post graphic provides some insight into the fact that an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France (click for larger, interactive version):

Comparing medical procedure costs, U.S. vs. overseas - medical translation

As one commentator points out though, to more accurately reflect the affordability of these procedures, the graphic "should be adjusted using purchasing power parity rather than exchange rates".

The follow-on question, of course, is why costs are so high in the U.S. Is it the fault of money-grabbing doctors or "big pharma" or lawyers who drive up malpractice insurance costs or one of dozens of other scapegoats? We'll leave that debate for another day but want to point out that advocacy groups are quick to say that it's not their fault.

In the mean time, it's best to stay healthy - or head to Canada for an angiogram.

[Thanks to The Big Picture for the lead!]

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