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Challenges for localization of e-learning content (medical translation)
There has been significant growth in recent years in e-learning and computer-based training, as more and more companies recognize the value of CBT/e-learning as a cornerstone of their training programs. The obvious benefits of being able to distribute online training material and assess employees in real time has lead to a rapid growth in e-learning and in the sheer number of platforms, standards and applications available to meet the demand.

Since many companies using CBT/e-learning are doing business on a global scale, translation and localization becomes part of the development process, and that aspect has also evolved during this period. Traditionally, the localization step would be left until the end of the course development, and would involve processing source content after it was finalized. Now, the need to find complete solutions to e-learning development, including localization as an integral part of the process, is driving the industry.

ForeignExchange's Paul McCrory examines current techniques, tools and technologies used in localizing e-learning material, and also delves into what direction the industry may take over the next several years in his presentation E-learning & Computer-based Training Localization -- Trends, Techniques & Technologies. If your group develops CBT/e-learning materials for international users, be sure to check out this expert presentation!

Registration is now live at FxConferences.com.

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