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Report from 19th Life Sciences Business Round Table - Medical Translation
It's that time of year again: Localization World is taking place on the West Coast of the USA (this time in Seattle). This is the 19th time that the pre-conference day features a Life Sciences Business Roundtable. As always, ForeignExchange actively participated in the planning and execution of the premier event for the medical translation community.

The Life Sciences Business Round Table got underway Tuesday afternoon with a presentation by Karen Nicoulin and Marita Hoeh both from Terumo BCT. The presentation focused on the "behind the scenes" activities that should take place upstream, on the client side, to make a localization project successful.

The one and a half day event also featured two highly interactive panels on the topic of changes and diversification in the medical translation landscape driven by regulatory, economic, and demographic factors. Additionally there were presentations on localizing software for Asian languages, preparing to localize for emerging markets and new markets, and tips and tricks for creating global-ready content.

Although diverse topics and points of views were presented, a common theme emerged: Starting a few years back, clients and suppliers alike were pressured to come up with ways to "do more with less". As is often the case in these types of situations, challenges turned into opportunities as new-found efficiencies opened the door to new opportunities.

The Roundtable was well attended and featured a well balanced mix of client and supplier representatives. As the second day of meetings drew to a close, the atmosphere in the room mirrored the weather outside: It was sunny and bright as the attendees were energized and optimistic about the future of medical translation!

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