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Better labeling leads to increased sales?

Medical translation professionals understand that better labeling leads to increased sales
It's an accepted fact in drug and device companies that quality is non-negotiable and that patients' lives are impacted by the existence (or absence) of quality. And few areas are as obsessed-over as a product's labeling. But in addition to avoiding lawsuits and liability, manufacturers may have an additional incentive to focus on labeling quality: increased revenue.

A recent article in MedicalDeviceSummit makes just this point. "Bringing Medical Product Labeling up to Standard" looks at the benefits of deploying more and better technology during labeling. Quality and avoiding the wrath of FDA are big reasons but the author also claims that:
"...while hard to measure, there is no doubt that health service procurement is also taking into account the quality of labeling."
Manual labeling processes may seem like a convenient punching bag (particularly for the author, who works for a company that sells labeling technology) but most medical translation practitioners know this first-hand. It is common practice for labels to require numerous sign-offs, reviews, print runs. Design issues, problems with print quality, and challenges fitting languages on to labels are all commonplace issues.

And fundamentally, linking revenue to labeling quality seems to make sense. Healthcare organizations are working hard to streamline inventories, reduce legal bills, and provide their staff with easy-to-use equipment and medicines. It stands to reason that accurate labeling "plays a key commercial role".

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