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TransTools has something for everybody

TransTool for medical translation
Every once in a while you come across a tool that makes you think "Wow, this is really useful!" Today was even better than that. I came across Stanislav Okhvat' TransTool Suite.

TransTool combines application-specific utilities in a free collection of tools specially designed to help medical translators in various situations. The tools promise to maximize linguists' productivity during proofreading, prepping documents for translation, and creating glossaries.

As often happens, it was Jost Zetzsche's Tool Box Newsletter that brought this to my attention. Jost talked about the suite's suitability for glossary management:
"Another is the Glossary Manager, which is part of the Excel plug-in. I had read about the glossary tool some time ago in an email from Stanislav, though I hadn't taken it too seriously. But now I've had a chance to look at it and I think it's very clever. It may not quite reach the power of APSiC Xbench -- after all, it supports only glossaries in Excel -- but it's great if most of your glossaries are in Excel and you would like to find a way to quickly search from within any Windows application by simply highlighting a term and pressing a certain keyboard combination. You can even search any number of Excel glossaries all at once, the setup takes all of two minutes..."
Seeing that we're avid users of APSiC Xbench here at ForeignExchange, I decided to take a closer look.

And what I found was a terrific collection of handy tools. Here is a list of just some of the things that TransTools can do:
(click on the image to get more details)

Truly impressive and truly useful! Check out TransTools today!

ForeignExchange Translations provides specialized medical translations for regulatory, marketing, and clinical research groups at pharma and medical device companies.

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  1. Cassy said...
    Trans Tools seems to be a very good translation tool. Thanks for sharing this very relevant and important information.

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