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A koala walks into a bar...

Our “Writing for a Global Audience” education seminar has proven to be our most popular course this year. In it, we teach content creators how to write with localization in mind. This can mean everything from using active voice instead of passive to avoiding sports metaphors and the number “4.” 
Here's a short quiz for our readers to test how well you know your effective, localization-friendly writing. We’ll include the answers in a few weeks. But you can provide your answers or feedback in the comments below this post. If you have trouble with the quiz, you may want to consider attending one our upcoming seminars.


Read the following statements and determine whether they are true or false.

1. Translation is a subpart of the localization process.
2. Poorly written English can be turned into good Japanese, as long as the translator is fluent in Japanese.
3. Any two countries that use the same language can use the same exact content materials (separate localization is not necessary).


Read the following passage and identify the “problematic” areas where a correction needs to be made from a localization and effective writing perspective. For each exercise:

1. Underline the part of each sentence that you see as “problematic.”
2. Describe how you would change the text so that it would be localization-friendly.
“The chemist was instructed to pour 4.3 g of the potent liquid into the 16-oz glass beaker. The next step for the lab technician was to add 750 mL of water. Would you pour the water into the beaker? Why? Why not?”


Punctuate the following sentences:

1. A koala walks into a bar eats shoots and leaves
2. Let’s eat mommy


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