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Clinical research in developing countries - opportunity or challenge?Or both?

We have covered this question before: Are overseas clinical trials appalling or simply good business? Fundamentally, clinical trials are conducted across the globe for perfectly good reasons. Research sites in developing countries benefit from working with externally sponsored clinical trials because they benefit from increased capacity development and investment but conducting clinical research in poor countries can be challenging.

The authors of Clinical Trials Have Gone Global: Is This a Good Thing?, which appeared in this week's PLoS Medicine, say that there is a need for more trials that compare different approaches to managing disease and health issues - especially in low-income settings where simple interventions could make significant improvements to health outcomes if there was evidence to support implementation.

They also argue that clinical trials should account for the risk and complexity of each trial and not governed by one-size-fits-all requirements of sponsors and contract researchers.

The authors conclude:

"The globalisation of clinical trials should not be about running inexpensive trial sites to benefit distant people, but should focus on bringing research to populations who have previously been under-represented in clinical trials, and enabling these same communities the benefits resulting from new drugs, vaccines, and improvements in managing health."

[Hat tip to World Pharma News]

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    Giana Forzareli said...
    This is a great topic to discuss. I feel that every country should have the advantage of conducting clinical research to better understand the medical issues that pertain to the specific country. There should be a sample management software developed that consolidates medical issues by country. This way the data can be shared on a international level, resulting in better care and knowledge though out the whole world.

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