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Upcoming educational events

upcoming educational events - medical translation
We've got some great educational offerings in the coming weeks.

Translations 101- Boston and Minneapolis

We will be hosting two complimentary Learning Unplugged seminars on “Translation 101” – one in the Boston area and one in Minneapolis.  This two-hour complimentary seminar will cover how translation works – the technology, the people and the process. We will cover what Translation Memory technology is and how it augments the human function. We’ll cover what makes a good medical translator, why editing is important and the nuances and pitfalls of localized document design and layout. Attendees will go away with not only a better understanding of how the translation process works but also with actionable takeaways that can help improve quality, shorten timelines and save money when working with their translation providers.

The Boston event will be held from 8:30 until 11am on February 29th at the Embassy Suites in Marlborough. You can sign up here:

The Minneapolis event will be on March 28th at our office in Bloomington. For more information, please contact Jason Heaton at jheaton@fxtrans.com.

Audio conferences

Measuring and Improving the Readability of Medical Device User Information
A concise, clearly written, readable user guide can mean the difference between a successful, happy customer and a frustrated, angry, or even endangered one. This February 28th audio conference approaches readability in medical-device documentation from two directions. First, our speaker explains how to achieve the reading level required by the FDA, providing attendees with the tools for measuring the reading level and adjusting it editorially. Second, she offers a variety of methods for increasing conciseness and simplicity in medical writing, which can be applied to any level of complexity to improve readability. The presentation also reviews graphical aspects that improve readability, such as the proper use of white space, leading, lists, and sidebars. Throughout the conference, the speaker uses specific examples from her own work and cites the relevant FDA guidance documents.

Get more information and sign up here:

Writing Web Content That Works
People come to websites for the content. They come to fulfill a need, to do a task, to get the answer to a question. Clear navigation, good design, and search engines that work are all critical, of course, but they are all there to support the content. Are you paying enough attention to the content on your website – both to what your messages are and to how you are presenting those messages?
 In this March 7th audio conference presentation, renowned speaker and author Ginny Redish teaches attendees to think about web content and web writing in new ways. Starting from the premise that every visit to your website is a conversation started by the site visitor, the presentation demonstrates for attendees why people skim and scan, provides a better understanding of when people do read online and when they don't, and reviews a few basic best practices on how to write for the busy people who come to your website. Get more information and sign up here:

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