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Here is some interesting Friday reading:

Intuit recently conducted a survey to explore what tasks take up the most of a small business owner's time and how they manage them, in and out of the office. The results are represented in this infographic (click for giant version):

Many medical translation providers are small companies or even individual freelancers. Do these observations hold true for medical translators?

[Hat tip to The Big Picture]

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  1. cgtradmed said...
    I don't know if I am representative of the profession, but here is my own chart, using the Intuit study categories (average per week):
    Conducting business services: 60h - Sales: 2h - Communications: 12h - Financial management: 1h - Web marketing: 9h - Getting paid: 2h (it's a new item for me, mandatory since 3rd quarter of 2011) - Contact manag., Employee manag. and Other marketing activities: 0h.

    Total average = 86 hours/week

    In and Out : Full-time In*.

    Where work is done: 100% Office/home, as it is the same place.

    Using mobile, How Important : NO*
    Device of choice : Desktop*

    * Reasons : Because of motricity troubles, I'm staying nearly always at home.

    What is funny, it is that while Intuit is a company based in California, their study shows that small businesses and individual freelancers do not apparently spend more than 39 hours at work !
    In France, the statutory working week has for a long time been 39 hours, but for employees!

    I never heard of small business owners / freelancers working only 39 hours a week.

    Maybe, in California, sun and sea explain this incredibly short time spent at work :-)

    PS: I agree with the main reason for which I'm in it : Passion, certainly not for money.
    DawnM said...
    I would have to agree with Catherine (cgtradmed) in almost everything. Although I have been trying to reduce the number of hours I spend conducting business services so I have time for things other than translation, I probably work a total of 70 - 80 hours per week. The numbers in the graphic are really astoundingly low to me. They also seem really low for the other small business owners I know who are not in translation. Our local small grocer and a handyman I know work just as much or more than I do.
    Zoey Cooper said...
    We do operate in a very similar way, but maybe because we are a mix of international marketing and localisation. We are also quite 'new' and so we spend a lot of time marketing and trying to generate new business. And we outsource the majority of the translation work. We are possibly even more mobile than the infographic shows, but I don't agree with the hours worked. We certainly work many more than 39 hours per week!!

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