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Upcoming educational events

We've got some great educational offerings in the next few weeks.

Translations 101
Translation is an arcane discipline, where state-of-the-art technology comes together with a very human process. Done well, medical translations can save lives by getting products to market faster with the vital information needed for safe, correct use. But it can be expensive and time-consuming and translation quality can be difficult to measure. Many people don’t know how it works and myths and misconceptions abound.
On February 29th, we will be hosting a complimentary Learning Unplugged seminar on “Translation 101” in the Boston area.  It will cover how translation works – the technology, the people and the process. It will explain what Translation Memory technology is and how it augments the human function. We’ll cover what makes a good medical translator, why editing is important and the nuances and pitfalls of localized document design and layout. Attendees will go away with not only a better understanding of how the translation process works but also with actionable takeaways that can help improve quality, shorten timelines and save money when working with their translation providers.

The two-hour complimentary seminar will be held on February 29th. Location details remain to be confirmed but if you’re interested in attending, contact education@fxtrans.com to get more information or get added to the attendee list.

Plain Language Authoring
The Plain Writing Act of 2010 is the latest government effort to make complicated regulations easier to read and understand. "Plain language" refers to a method of authoring documentation in a straightforward, sensible, engaging and culturally appropriate manner. It makes the complicated easier to grasp. It tells readers what they need to know and nothing else. When done correctly, it ensures understanding and compliance and improves patient safety – and now it's the law! What plain language is not, is the "dumbing down" of information.

Kristina E. Anderson of EasyRead Writing LLC, will be presenting on this topic on February 1st and you can register to listen in here:

EMA Submission Compliance
Translating product information documents in preparation for an EMA submission can be a frustrating, complex and lengthy process for both pharmaceutical companies and their translation providers. However, by establishing and maintaining communication from the start of the project, and by working together to establish realistic timelines and achievable milestones, many of the common headaches can be avoided. Our own Anabel Perez will be presenting on this topic on February 21st. Register here:

ForeignExchange's METRiQ quality system provides medical device and pharmaceutical companies with measurable, known software localization quality. To learn more, contact ForeignExchange Translations.


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