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Talk to the hand (medical translation)The new frontier in sign language? Gloves.

As patients with disabilities get more more and more attention, one area of development that's picking up are so-called "sign language gloves". These electronic devices converts the complex motions of a sign language into written or spoken words.

One of the latest entries into this field is the "Texting Glove" invented by Google developers Oleg Imanilov, Tomer Daniel and Zvika Markfeld. It is designed with a Lilypad Arduino, flex sensors on the fingers, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and an ADK Board (Android Open Accessory Development Kit). The data is communicated to an Android phone which uses custom software to translate the sign language into text messages.

The Texting Glove is by no means the only contender in this still-developing market niche.

In 2008, students at Carnegie Mellon University developed HandTalk as part of a class research project. And as early as 10 years ago, a high school senior built a prototype of the sign language translator using a leather golf glove with 10 sensors, a small circuit board containing a micro controller, analog-to-digital converter, and a radio-frequency transmitter.

Maybe third time is a charm when it comes to creating an instant, mutually understandable communication link between hearing people and the hearing-impaired world?

[Kudos to Medgadget]

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