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Most popular posts on Medical Translation InsightA belated Happy New Year to all of our readers!

2011 was a terrific year for Medical Translation Insight. We were able to report on important issues impacting medical device and pharmaceutical companies, suppliers, and translators. As a result, our readership has more than doubled. We appreciate everybody's interest and support!

December was a good example of our efforts. We were able to generate good discussions on a number of topics. Here are the most-read articles from the past month:

  1. Readability is important (and difficult) when translating informed consent forms - Clinical research practitioners as well as medical translators feel strongly about this issue
  2. WHO style guide good resource for medical translators - A valuable resource from WHO for medical translators
  3. Measuring translators' performance - What to measure: translators' performance or the final product?
  4. Why does my Microsoft Word document display differently on different computers? - A real-world question with real-world answers and tips
  5. Psst - over here! I'll sell you translations for $5! - A new "hub for all kinds of mobile workers buying and selling small services" contains low-priced translation offers

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