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Dunglish, where Dutch and English collide

Dunglish, where Dutch and English collideWhat is Dunglish, you ask?

A) The combination of the words Dutch and English.

B) The language produced when these two languages collide.

C) A blog by Natasha Cloutier.

Sure, the web is full of Chinglish examples but there is just something uniquely funny about the language produced by Dutch speakers who have been abroad too long, and by English speakers whose English is going Dutch.

Maybe it's because one assumes that they should know better? Chinese, after all, is a totally different language, and most of its speakers don't grow up with English.

Not so in Holland though. Or at least that's the stereotype. Doesn't everybody in Holland speak perfect English?

With the help of Dunglish (as well as this less-than-perfect English web site for a Dutch language school), it's becoming clearer that, like most stereotypes, this one may be just a wee bit off the mark...

After you've subscribed to Dunglish, take a look at more funnies at √úbersetzungsfehler and Mox's Blog.

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  1. Ria said...
    Holland is getting very tourist-unfriendly. I am Dutch, but have lived in the USA for 30 years now. When I go back, I can sure read the parking signs, but I do not understand what they mean. After reading the whole thing, I am still left wondering: May I, or may I not park here?
    Paying is a real problem, because many places require a "ChipKnip", an amount of money that you "park" on your DUTCH bank-issued credit card. Unbelievable for a country where the tourist industry is a real money maker!
    Martina Dsouza said...
    I am from USA (Boston) i had visited holland once i had same experiance. People like tourist industry are making good money there.

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