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Psst - over here! I'll sell you translations for $5!Back in the day, online marketplaces were 21st-century alternatives to garage sales: a place where you can get rid of your unused stuff.

It wasn't long before folks selling professional services thought "hey, I could probably sell my services here as well!". And voila, sites likes proz, Elance, and hundreds of others were born. Nowadays, there are so many of these online "platforms", it seems like a fully served and completely saturated market.

Well, it seems there's still room for more. I recently came across Coffee and Power, a new "hub for all kinds of mobile workers buying and selling small services". The site is still young (it features hundreds of jobs vs. Elance's tens of thousands) but among the offers being made are dozens for translation services.

Here is a sampling of postings:

  • I will translate science papers from English to French - $5
  • I will translate italian/portuguese/english - $15
  • I will translate anything in English and to Irish Gaelic - $ 5
  • I will translate from English to Brazilian Portuguese - $25
Some of the prices are ridiculously low, others are clearly teaser offers. And while I doubt that any medical translators can make a living using online marketplaces, I wonder if there are some translation services providers for whom this is becoming a big part of their income stream?

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  1. Ed Vreeburg said...
    Let's hope client have enough sense to know translations at $5 / hour cannot be good (or even legal I suppose, for that matter)... However, if you look at some countries, $5 an hour is big bucks!.. Poverty threshold is $1.25 / day, so...,

    But to find a native, university educated translator with sufficient experience, a computer and resources to provide an excellent quality translation... living in such a country and willing to work for peanuts is another...

    [Via LinkedIn]
    Catharina said...
    This reminds me of this site: http://fiverr.com/gigs/search?query=translation&x=0&y=0 where people will do anything (including translate) for $5.

    [Via LinkedIn]

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