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Measuring translators' performance

Measuring medical translators' performance - medical translationWe have written before about Xerox' translation group (check here for a refresher).

Earlier this year, ClientSideNews featured a story about the Xerox Translation Quality Assessment (TQA). If you missed it, check here for the PDF file.

CSN's article looks at Xerox' "Translation Quality Assessment" process. Based on SAE J2450, it relies heavily on translator rankings. At Xerox, rankings

"go from T1, the least experienced, to T5, expert level. Translators can have different ranks for different document types and subject matters. All translations performed by T1 – 3 translators are proofread by T4 – 5 translators, using the Xerox TQA model."
TQA is applied in the linguist recruiting and testing phase. During production, translators' work is proofread until a text reaches the required quality as measured through TQA. After that, random spot-checks are carried out.

The loop is then closed:
"Regular TQA review meetings are arranged in order to analyze the TQA data and determine the T ranking of individual translators. T ranking decisions are based on the average TQA score, most frequently recurring error categories, volume of translations completed and proofreaders' comments."
While we take a different approach by measuring the quality of the output, TQA seems like an interesting approach and apparently provides Xerox with some performance data for it's linguists.

Does anybody have any other experiences with performance metrics and measurements for individual translators?

Looking for further information on managing translation quality? You have come to the right place!
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