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Lost In Translation, the song

Lost In Translation, the song - medical translationTalk about staying power.

Every once in a while a cliche, a turn of phrase, or an acronym comes along that proves durable. Think OMG. Think Yes We Can. Think Lost In Translation.

Come on, is there anybody who isn't yet sick of hearing something or another got lost in translation? As the Translation Guy said:

"Lost in Translation" sucks, and I'm talking both film and phrase
Maybe, but notwithstanding that the cliche itself doesn't translate well (in China, it was named "Lost in Tokyo," because "Lost in Translation" doesn't translate well to Chinese, so they based the title off the location in the film), the phrase has amazing endurance.

And now, there is even a song out by the same name. G-Eazy takes a cue from Bill Murray, sampling from a Japanese pop song by きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ titled "PONPONPON". Take a listen:

What will be next? L.I.T. bath robes?

[Tip of the hat to Pigeons & Planes]

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