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Keyboard internationalization

Keyboard internationalizationCongratulations, your software is now shipping throughout the world. Now, what happens to folks who need to enter data? What happens if your clients want to enter Japanese ideograms? Could they do that with a U.S. keyboard? Conversely, what if Japanese users need to type in U.S. text? Is your application able to handle switching from one locale to another and still let the user enter data?

The above is a common scenario for medical device manufacturers who are only just setting out on the road to internationalize their device software. Depending on the device, keyboard data entry may or may not be applicable.

Luckily, when it comes to software internationalization, few folks are as knowledgeable as our friends at Lingoport. And they just published a white paper called "Keyboards and Internationalization". You can access it on their web site or download a PDF version.

Data entry is, of course, only one aspect of getting ready for a global release. Device software also needs to be internationalized regarding display, sort order, search functionality, and many other areas. However, for those devices that require keyboard input, Lingoport's white paper offers a valuable resource.

For more information, also take a look at the following:

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