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2011: Looking back, looking ahead

2011: Looking back, looking ahead - medical translation
Another year is drawing to a close. While 2011 was a challenging year, it was also a rewarding one. At ForeignExchange, we have a lot to look back on and be proud of.

We opened two new offices in 2011, one in Cambridge, United Kingdom and one in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The diversity of our office locations shows the truly global nature of our business while also demonstrating how ForeignExchange is continuing to be "local."

Continuing on the theme of being local, in 2011, we kicked off our "Learning Unplugged" educational program and held over a dozen events attended by hundreds of people. Topics were varied, from writing for translation to usability testing to software localization. Feedback has been great and our slate of events for 2012 is filling up with some great educational offerings in even more locations around the world.

Speaking of education, our audio conferences continued to be popular in 2011. We produced over 150 of these distance learning events that were attended by thousands. And there's barely time to catch our breath: we've got 40 events already scheduled for 2012, with more being added weekly.

Our VP of Quality penned a book this past summer and it's quickly on its way to becoming a valued resource for the industry. "The Insider's Guide to Measured Translation Quality" has been so popular that we're already planning a second edition to be printed in 2012.

There was a lot to be proud of in 2011 and while it's nice to acknowledge accomplishments, it's even nicer to build on them and achieve more. 2012 will bring with it more challenges and we're ready to meet them head on. But first, we'll take a break and enjoy the holidays with friends and family. We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers, clients and partners happy holidays and a Happy New Year. Thank you for reading and for your continued support.

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