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WHO style guide - medical translationThe importance of stylistic consistency is gaining increased recognition - in translation management, regulatory submissions, medical writing, and elsewhere.

For a medical translator who gets approached by a client who is looking to get started with a style guide, here is another resource: the style guide of the World Health Organization [PDF link].

As with any off-the-shelf style guide, the WHO style guide won't be a perfect fit for every organization out there. For instance, it starts off with the following note:

Within WHO-HQ, British rather than American spelling is normally used.

The general rule is to follow the spelling listed in the latest edition of The
concise Oxford dictionary.
Even for U.S.-centric medical device and pharmaceutical companies, the 100-page document provides a great reference, starting point for building a company-wide style guide, and resource for other reference materials.

[Hat tip to @erictranslates]

If you are interested in language consistency, take a look at the following:
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  1. Nicolás Santos said...
    The link to the style guide doesn't seem to work Andres...
    ForeignExchange Translations said...
    Sorry about that, Nicolás. The link is now fixed. Thank you for the heads-up!
    Liz Hoffman said...
    The style guide link doesn't work for me either.
    ForeignExchange Translations said...
    They keep changing the link. The post has been updated, and here it is as well:


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