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ForeignExchange Translations achieved an astounding 98.87% on-time delivery rate for all projects in the third quarter of 2011. This well surpassed the company’s already lofty set goal of 95% and contributes to our larger aim of saving lives by helping drug and device companies get their products to market faster.

We are confident in setting such high on-time delivery goals due to our robust, ISO-9001-certified processes and the use of state-of-the-art technologies that augment our stellar team of project managers, linguists and publishing experts. The excellent results are also due to accurate forecasting and project estimates that come from a well-developed requirements gathering process. Setting aggressive but realistic expectations with clients means no surprises at the end of projects and online reporting mechanisms allow clients to follow progress in real time.

Here’s what our Executive VP of Quality Systems, Sonia Monahan, had to say: “We’re particularly proud of our on-time delivery rate since late deliveries can be a real pain point for clients and because getting products to market quickly means more than money saved; it means lives saved.”

ForeignExchange's METRiQ quality system provides pharmaceutical and medical device companies with measurable, known translation quality. To learn more about our medical translation solutions, contact ForeignExchange Translations.


  1. Nicolás Santos said...
    That might be because of your PMs Andres, they are the best I worked with, and I've worked a with a lot of them.
    Meg Muller said...
    I certainly agree with Nicolas. The PMs at FX is second to none and I know I can rely on them.
    Andres Heuberger said...
    Thank you very much, Meg and Nicolás! I know we have a great PM team but it's wonderful when our suppliers and clients recognize that as well :)
    Vertaalbureau Perfect said...
    Whoa, That's a pretty high on-time delivery rate. Congratulations on that.

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