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The following was shared by our good friend Maria Shepherd of Data Decision Group.

The National Health Statistics report "Ambulatory Surgery in the United States, revision Sept, 2009" has recently been released, and provides statistics on the shift from hospital based inpatient procedures to hospital outpatient or freestanding ambulatory surgi-centers (ASCs) over the past two decades. (Although the revision dated September, 2009 is a new rev of the corrected 2006 report, 2006 is the latest version available, because government data tends to lag by approximately 5 years.)

This is really interesting and will impact testing of medical devices which will increasingly have to be used by personel who may or may not be sufficiently trained. In addition, the shift is slowly going to in-home care, which will also present challenges as to how the documentation and software will be presented.

Here is an excerpt:

According to the report, the two most influential drivers behind the shift from hospital-based to ASC based procedures are due to advances in medical technology and changes in reimbursement. Advances in medical technology have made surgery less complex, with reduced risk and have enabled the shift of many procedures to move from inpatient to ambulatory settings.

Chart 1. US Number of Procedures by Location
A detailed analysis can be downloaded from DDG's web site [PDF link].

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