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Walkman, PS3, medical device?

Walkman, PS3, medical device? Medical translationThe lines between consumer electronics and medical devices are blurring.

We have in the past written about medical applications of the Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Wii Balance Board, and iPhone. Over the past couple of months, this trend continued and even accelerated.

For one, FDA now regularly reviews and clears medical iPhone and iPad. The New York Times has a good piece about Mobile MIM, an app that allows physicians to examine scans and make diagnoses based on magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and other technologies if they're away from their workstations.

(There is even an entire web site dedicated to medical apps. iMedicalApps features "reviews and commentary by medical professionals".)

For another, the medical device sector has gotten a new, odd bedfellow. Sony announced that it has acquired Micronics and plans to enter the market for portable medical testing.

At a glance, this may surprise folks who use Sony Blu-ray discs or Playstations. What do these have in common with diagnostic devices? Well, as it turns out, more than one might think.

MedGadget explains that assay cartridges related to Micronics' microfluidic technology technology are

"...fabricated using micro-scale and nano-scale etching technology, in much the same way that data is etched onto Blu-ray or other optical storage discs. It is likely that Sony sees an opportunity to translate some of its optical disc technology and manufacturing know how into the microfluidics field."
Also, given that this is not Sony's first foray into the life science field, I am anxiously awaiting news of any Sony Stethoscope Walkman that may be coming to market.

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