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Santa Clara Life Sciences roundtable - More attendees than everThe Life Sciences Roundtable in Santa Clara was a resounding success with more attendees than ever before as well as an excellent ratio of client/LSP participation.

What made this roundtable particularly interesting what that the presentation ranged a number of topics that really explored all aspects of the medical translation arena. For instance, Jason Arnsparger from ForeignExchange co-presented with Jennifer Smiley from CaridianBCT on best practices for content management system (CMS) and translation management system (TMS) implementations.

The presentation was called "10 1/2 Tips for a Successful CMS Implementation", and included lessons learned from the CMS/TMS implementation at CaridianBCT, as well as ForeignExchange's experiences with their clients. The presentation started by emphasizing the importance of developing a solid underlying process, identifying pain points and assessing if a CMS/TMS is the right solution.

Jason and Jennifer went on to cover topics such as building a business case, process mapping, tool selection, system configuration, user adoption, ROI, and the importance of thinking global when making key decisions. The presentation was received very well by the audience and led to a lively discussion. Attendees were able to leave the roundtable with practical and concrete information to support them if and when they choose to go down the CMS/TMS path.

The one and a half days of roundtable were concluded once again with a commitment from all parties to continue the dialogue during these roundtables and possibly via a forum, so that as a group we can all participate in streamlining the work and making better products for our respective clients. In the end everyone agreed, no matter what topics they had come to discuss, quality is the key in medical translation and all of us are taking the responsibility seriously.

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