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Most popular posts on Medical Translation InsightInternational Translation Day took place on the last day of September. While many in our industry rightly view the day as a celebration and recognition of our profession, the public at large or even buyers of translation services are unaware that such a day exists.

It's fascinating to me just how many such "holidays" and celebrations exists. According to Wikipedia, October is Clergy Appreciation Month (in the U.S. only) and Dwarfism Awareness Month (apparently worldwide).

But before we go crazy in our celebration of National Dental Hygiene Month, let's take a look back and review what made September a great month at Medical Translation Insight:

  1. The sign says what? - Apparently, I wasn't the only one thinking these Australian signs were funny
  2. A conversation about ISO 14155: Are companies struggling to comply? - In a word, yes
  3. The human factor - Our interview with HFE expert Maria Shepherd made it on top of our list for a second month in a row
  4. Using style guides to improve quality - Medical translation professionals and clients alike are interested in how to get more from style guides
  5. Language issues lead to pharma quality problems - "We believe the quality differences ... were driven by ... differences in language"
Happy reading and happy weekend!

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