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Kerning - finally a game for typophiles

Kerning - finally a game for typophilesOK, so I may be just a bit geeky when it comes to fonts. But really, who doesn't love typography movies, books, and even periodic table?

So when I read about a new game built around kerning, it probably comes as no surprise that I immediately went to check it out.

Kern Type lets you drag or nudge letters into their properly proportioned places and then rates your performance against typographic professionals. If you're one of the typophiles who put Just My Type on the best-seller list, you'll get more pleasure from this game than from all the slavering hordes that Hell and outer space can throw at you.

I scored 85% on my first try. Go ahead and embarrass me with your scores in the comments!

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  1. MirkoP said...
    I only got 81 points but enjoyed 100% of it :-) Thanks for sharing!
    Mary Shillue said...
    I tied you at 85%. I was surprised that my worst score was on garamond - one of my favorite typefaces!
    medical computer said...
    I got 75%, i need some practice!

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