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The value of specialization

The value of specializationAt ForeignExchange, we strongly believe that translation suppliers cannot be all things to all customers.

Client requirements, technology, service delivery processes, resource utilization and many other things differ widely across language services and subject matters.

It's easy to talk about being medical translation specialists and our vision of saving lives - but it is hard to do. Our tight focus on medical translation has been neither. It has aided us in making decisions, grow profitably, hire a terrific team, and build long-term client partnerships.

But sometimes, when we talk to colleagues, linguists, and even clients about the depth of our focus, they ask "Isn't it limiting and counter-productive to be so specialized?" As much as anything, this question reflects the difficulty of 'saying no' and hesitation to embrace a target market.

For anybody who is on the fence about the value of focus and specialization, listen to this interview with Jennifer Neal.

Featured in a Marketing Mentor podcast, Jennifer doesn't talk about medical translation - or anything close to language services. Nonetheless, her insight and experiences are highly applicable and valuable to our industry.

If you're scared of embracing a target market, listen to the interview and let me know - Did it change your mind about target markets?

ForeignExchange's METRiQ quality system provides medical device and pharmaceutical companies with measurable, known medical translation quality.


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