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Using style guides to improve quality

Using style guides to improve qualityAs we have written about before, style guides pay huge dividends in consistency, quality, cost, and turnaround time on projects. But one problem is that many style guides span 100 pages or more and cover everything from the fine points of template use to the details of punctuation preferences.

While having these documents can be a sign of a well-organized writing group, a smaller, project-specific style sheet of two to 10 pages can be used on large projects that call for cross-departmental work and/or the help of contractors. These mini style guides can bring disparate groups of writers and linguists up to speed quickly and ensure that the most important aspects of the company's writing style are consistent throughout its documentation.

This kind of coordination and consistency is important on most writing and translation assignments. However, it is critical to ensure efficient publication of electronic submissions.

To drive this point home - and provide hands-on, actionable tips - we have enlisted the help of Susan Sisk. In Using Short Style Guides to Harmonize Writers and Improve the Quality of Electronic Submissions, she will share insights on developing and managing the use of short style guides, and how best to use them to improve the quality of medical translation and writing projects in general and regulatory submissions specifically.

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