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Social media, with its wide reach and accessibility, is a powerful tool for recruiting linguists, improving clinical research - and for increasing participation in healthy behaviors and improving people's health.

According to recent data from Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, minority Americans embrace mobile Internet access, social media sites, and applications to manage or track their health to a greater degree than non-minorities:

According to Pixel & Pills:
Social media crosses cultural and ethnic groups and it has global reach – in many countries patients can access Twitter or Facebook and other social communities and location services. Eight in ten Internet users look online for health information and African Americans and Latinos are leading the way using their mobile device to search for health information.
Sounds just like what the doctor ordered!

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  1. Mary Johnson said...
    Good article.

    We must always remember that not everyone has access to the Internet at home.

    For example, the current demographics trends indicate levels less than 50% in many groups. The most challenging problem is meeting the needs of groups with extremely low levels of Internet access. Some populations have less than 10% access levels.

    We have tested a number of educational and health solutions for reaching these communities. So far, the most effective has been creating systems that convert web information to audio and spoken responses to text and mouse clicks. Other solutions had limited improvements. The reason why phones are the only 100% effective solution is that every household has at least one or more phones, especially with expanded subsidies for low income households. In some cases, families qualify for $1 a month service.

    Home broadband Internet services many be universal in the future, but for now phones are the only ubiquitous solution.

    Access to heath information articles on the Internet is extremely valuable. Several studies have shown that patients that have access to health articles on the Internet have much better outcomes and fewer complications than patients who lack access to health articles on the Internet.

    [Via LinkedIn]

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