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Most popular posts on Medical Translation InsightSummer is over in our parts. And with that, our busy season starts. The end of the year, and particularly, the last three months are always our busiest time.

So before we all get too busy, let's make sure to catch up with our most-read content from the last month:

  1. Human factors - Judging by the interest in generated, our interview with Maria Shepherd sure wouldn't make you think that human factor engineering is such an esoteric topic!
  2. Nine free term extraction tools - Term extraction is good. Free is good. Combine them, and we're ecstatic!
  3. Mark Twain on back translation (and the French language) - Back translation, through the lens of Mark Twain
  4. Finally some useful tips on writing for translation - Hands-on tips in a concise format
  5. Style guides: an investment worth making - You know you should; now you can
Happy reading and happy weekend!

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