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It's Labor Day - not Labour Day!

It's Labor Day - not Labour Day!Those darn Brits! Always complaining about something...

Take a recent viewpoint in the BBC News Magazine. While the author of Why do some Americanisms irritate people? accepts "that sometimes American phrases have a vigour and vivacity", he also laments the "sloppy loss of our own distinctive phraseology through sheer idleness, lack of self-awareness and our attitude of cultural cringe".

Apparently, readers agreed.

Thousands of them wrote, listing their least liked Americanisms that had found their way into British English. Some of the items that provoked the strongest reactions are:

  • "Can I get a..."
  • Deplane
  • Touch base
  • Shopping cart
  • Train station
  • Oftentimes
  • And many, many more...
Take a look at the whole list!

[Thanks, Mary, for the tip!]

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  1. Natia said...
    I think everyone should spell it all the same, it makes it less confusing for us foreigners! :)
    Anonymous said...
    The British way is the right one!

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