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Canada eager to join global regulatory regimeLast month, we wrote about how FDA is formulating a long-term global regulatory plan that relies less on regulators' own staff and more on data and resource sharing with other countries. This "global coalition of regulators" has just gotten a shot in the arm - from Canada.

CMAJ reports that "Canada appears eager to clamber aboard".

OK, so nobody expects change to come quickly. CMAJ states that "FDA also stressed that it expects it will take years to fully develop and implement a global regulatory approach". With regulations to be harmonized, turf wars to be settled, and national interests to be protected, "years" could turn into decades.

Nonetheless, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency appears to view such a global coalition as a positive development. CMAJ's article goes on to quote a CFIA official as saying that beyond ensuring that food imports meet Canadian safety requirements, a global "approach helps to reduce duplication of efforts, maximize resources, facilitate identification of and faster responses to import threats."

It will be interesting to watch this story unfold.

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