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Nine free term extraction tools

Nine free term extraction toolsFree is good. We like free. Especially when it comes to tools.

So when The International Business Edge! featured an article on free term extraction tools, our ears popped up.

Terminology extraction aims to automatically extract relevant terms from a given text. As the Business Edge post mentions, many of these tools were developed to aid in SEO keyword identification or indexing but they can still be helpful to translators.

The nine tools that they list are:

The implementations and intended uses of these tools vary but they're all worth a look!

[Thanks to CSOFT's Twitter feed for the tip!]

2011-08-16 UPDATE:
And then there were ten! It took Barbara Inge Karsch to remind us via her blog that there is a great tenth tool as well - memoQ. Of course, this functionality is only free if you already own the tool but because we're big fans of memoQ, we'll include it anyway.

Further information on terminology extraction (and additional tools, too) can be found at Wikipedia. For more on the topic of terminology management, check out these past articles of ours:
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