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The human factor

Human factors engineering can be a fairly esoteric topic and it's one that medical device companies are only recently coming to terms with. Designing medical devices that not only work well but are made with human use in mind – doctors, clinicians, patients – is not only a good idea, it's mandated by regulations. That extends beyond the device itself to also include the product's labeling and literature and, by extension, to translation.

We recently sat down with one of ForeignExchange's Certified Partners, Maria Shepherd, an expert in usability testing and data analysis to talk about her company, Data Decision Group, and the ins and outs of human factors engineering. Check out the video below. If you'd like a copy of Maria's presentation, drop an e-mail to education@fxtrans.com.

For more on this timely subject, listen to Maria Shepherd's audio conference on human factors engineering.

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