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Monthly roundup: Most popular posts in June

Most popular posts on Medical Translation InsightIt's always interesting for us to see which of our articles get widely read and distributed. Sometimes, articles that we feel are great get very little attention. Other times, articles with modest expectations get a ton of views and comments. Still other times, older articles get a second life (this happened recently with our look at the differences between the Malaysian and Indonesian languages).

In June, there were some surprises yet again. Here is the list of most-read articles:

  1. What's so special about medical device translation? - A look at what makes medical device work different from other types of translations
  2. Tips and tricks for Microsoft Word - A plug for Christine Kent's Microsoft Word blog
  3. Styles in word processors - joy or pain? - My, how technical writers care about styles!
  4. Driving translation workflow efficiencies through measurable quality - ForeignExchange's presentation from memoQfest 2011
  5. Translation quality made better by human experience - A guest post by Patricia Walling
Happy reading and happy weekend!

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