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Every single day another international labeling project is set up with its highest element of risk smack dab at the end of the project. Quality validation is hugely important, that goes without saying, especially in regulated industries. But even from a purely practical project management perspective, to allow the highest element of risk at the tail end of the project timeline would be absolutely unacceptable in almost all other circumstances. However, there are alternatives.

The cost-time-quality trinity can co-exist through smart implementation of a measured QA program. Measuring quality allows for focused, surgical improvements rather than siege-style QA processes. It is a methodology that may enable you to institutionalize quality into your localization process. By measuring the quality of your translations, you set the bar to the high standard you want and hold it there. It is no longer that black box at the end of a process. We’ve prepared a white paper about the pitfalls of medical translation validation. Download it here:



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