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Too early for personalized health records?

Too early for personalized health records?Over the past few days, it's been widely reported that Google Health is shutting down. Check the NY Times, Medgadget, and Bob on Medical Device Software for a good sampling of the coverage.

When we first wrote about the move to electronic health records (EHR) 18 months ago, we stated that

it's a question of "when?" not "if?" the health care backbone will be run by companies like Google and Microsoft
Microsoft HealthVault and other EHR services are still around but are struggling to gain traction. As the New York Times article notes, "7 percent of consumers had tried online personal health records, and fewer than half of those continued to use them".

In the comments to the WSJ article about Google Health's demise, several folks lament the service's end. One commentator opined that
Google Health is a failure of execution, not of idea. Will these kinds of records be the future? Yes.
At least according to this person, it appears that "when?" is still the right question to ask regarding EHR.

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